Welcome to BADKISS!


 Cristi Fisher, and I, Grace Patterson, met in Dallas, Texas while cheering for the Allen Americans. While cheering together, we become close friends and two years later decided to make the move to Los Angeles. Being small town girls in a big city was terrifying at first but we always had each other to lean on. After almost three years in Los Angeles, we were yearning for something bigger than the goals we originally moved out here with. Acting, dance, writing, choreography, and producing, was not satisfying enough. A loungewear company, soon become our next mission. One thing Cristi and I love about being on set, is being around so many amazing women that quickly become our best friends. The support we have felt and given to our friends from set has built us a community of strong minded women. We decided we wanted to bring this community to our brand. We want that same feeling we feel on set with women uplifting and empowering each other to blend over to BADKISS. We are on TEAMBAD and we want you to be on it too! This is for the women who want to team up together, uplift, and encourage each each other. Here on Team Bad, we do not accept the bare minimum in any aspect of our lives. That includes: dating, career, friendships, passions, and anything else. While we all chase our wildest dreams, we support each other while we do it. #JOIN THE TEAM!